Himalayas Shilajit Tonic



Destroy All Weakness with Nature Mountainous Power

Shilajit Tonic combines the stunning energizing and adapts genic qualities of the premium available Himalayas Shilajit with a forceful array of herbals in a single, multipurpose tonic.Shilajit a traditional mountainous compound and properly processed with natural purity as a full health curative tonic.

Why Use Shilajit Tonic?

Helped to relieve or correct the following conditions;

  • Diabetes
    • Digestion problems
    • Anxiety
    • Immunodeficiency
    • Obesity
    • Tumors
    • Ulcers
    • Fatigue
    • Memory problems
    • Brain function
    • Exercise recovery
    • Reproductive health


Who can use Shilajit Tonic?

Authentic, correctly processed Shilajit Tonic is extremely safe. It is suitable in small doses for almost everyone on a regular basis, and in higher doses for those who seek to increase vitality, strength and immunity, and by those who wish to cleanse the tissues of the body.


Do not take if you suffer from gout. It can increase uric acid in the body. Children below 18 years, pregnant or nursing mothers should always seek the advice of their doctor before taking.

Recommended  use

Half Tea spoon with 250 ml milk at night


75 g


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