Mahnoor Herbal Hair Oil



Strong, Long, Black, Healthier Hair for Life

Mahnoor Herbal Hair Oil is blend of highly effective herbs for promotion of healthy hair growth with the power of stopping hair loss, natural nourishment, protection against dry, brittle, dandruff and split ends, their substance prepared in multi oil base which is yet another characteristic of this product

Mahnoor Herbal Hair Oil Special Benefits

Promote healthy hair growth
Nourishes hairs with natural proteins to prevent hair loss; dandruff and splitting
Gives blackish tint to the white or gray hairs after prolong usage.
Provides relaxing, soothing effect to the scalp and promotes eyesight.
Regular massage of this oil results in permanent shiny, silky and long healthy hairs.
100% chemical free herbal formula for all age groups without any fear of harmful effects
You can observe the difference in Hairs from first usage.


At the name indicates the ingredients mix comes all from green nature. Our biologist have strives for long periods to collect data of herbs beneficial for hair and minor following ex research studies on unlike herbs they made extensive trials to pinpoint the sector of efficacy of medicinal herbs. No single ingredient produce having satisfying we mixed a number of herbs for sure and enhanced efficacy of Mahnoor Herbal hair oil and Amla, Shikakai, Black Cumin, Egg, Almond, Olive with rare medicinal herbs

This very oil is tested and analyzed by PCSIR to confirm the claims made for this product. This oil with high absorption in skin directly provides benefits on grass root level promoting hair health by providing leaves nutrients, resultant hair loss, thinning, baldness and dandruff. Some of the hair ailments in turn make the hair shiny and lustrous and naturally supple.

All these efforts is processing Mahnoor Herbal hair oil render it a wholesome remedy for hair of both genders in addition to keep hair retain natural characteristics promoting personal outlook of the user.


Use Direction

Regular applies and massage in hairs; specially massage at night.


60 ml & 400 ml


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