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Life Sparking Gift of God    (The World Best Honey)

Mahnoor Sidr Honey outclasses other forms of honey due to its inherent distinct taste, nutrition value and medical benefits. Mahnoor Sidr Honey collected from indigenous Sidr growing regions returns all purely natural qualities. Worldwide research on Sidr honey has crowned it as highly invigorating and an umbrella against infectious diseases, healer of most wounds and ulcers in addition to liver, stomach and eye ailments.

So every drop of Mahnoor Sidr Honey sparks healthy life and keep the user in robust health.


500, 1000 Grams

Not more than 5 tbsp

Sidr Tree

The Sidr tree is an ancient tree. It is believed that the Jujube fruit was the first thing Adam ate when he was made to descend to earth. Its leaves are used as an herbal shampoo, to treat dandruff, head lice, swollen eyes, abscesses, furuncles and counter obesity. Other known medicinal uses include as a stomachic, an appetizer, an astringent and also as a cough medicine.


Sidr plant grows in coastal, desert and semi-desert areas. It grows in India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula.


Medical Benefits

Sidr honey has been reported to be good for liver problems, stomach ulcers, respiratory infections, diseases resulting from malnutrition, digestive problems, constipation, eye diseases, infected wounds and burns, surgical wounds (incl. caesarian), promote speedy recovery after childbirth, facilitates menstruation, (with various herbs) it can be used against epilepsy, strengthened the immune systems, to promote general health and vitality.